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Degrees Offered

The Faculty offers a single undergraduate degree – the Bachelor of Science (BSc) which is typically a three year qualification leading to two majors. The courses offered that will lead to a major comprise a mixture of lectures, tutorials, practicals and field work, depending on the specific discipline. During the course of your studies you will thus gain both theoretical and practical knowledge of your chosen subjects. For those wanting a broader based education, Faculty rules permit a student to combine a major from another faculty with one from Science.

There are two routes to completing the BSc degree
Studies in the mathematical and scientific disciplines are challenging, and the pace of learning differs dramatically from high school. No-one likes to fail, and our experience shows that achieving success requires each student to choose the right courses and the right course load in each year - so that sufficient time is available to understand and master the material.

All first year students in the Science Faculty choose an initial selection of courses, and will then be assessed in each course after the first 6 weeks. They will then be guided on the best plan for their degree. Some will remain in a curriculum which will lead to a BSc in 3 years. Others will be advised, in consultation with Student Advisers, to spread their load over 4 years by changing to the Extended Degree Programme (EDP). It is a case of planning for success!