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DST/NRF SARChI Research Chairs in the Science Faculty

The Faculty of Science is proud to host a number of DST/NRF South African Research Chairs covering a number of disciplines. These are listed below with links to the occupants’ individual web sites.

Animal Evolution & Systematics
Associate Professor David Jacobs
Website: www.biologicalsciences.uct.ac.za/bio/staff/academic/jacobs

Astrophysics and Space Science    
Professor Tom Jarrett
Website: http://www.ast.uct.ac.za/tomjarrett  
Climate Change    
Professor Bruce Hewitson    
Computational Mechanics        
Professor Daya Reddy    
Website: www.mth.uct.ac.za/~bdr/
Drug Discovery        
Professor Kelly Chibale        
Website: www.kellychibaleresearch.uct.ac.za
Environmental and Social Dimensions of the Bio-Economy    
Associate Professor Rachel Wynberg        
Website: bio-economy.org.za

Marine Ecology and Fisheries    
Professor Astrid Jarre    
Website: www.eafsa.uct.ac.za

Molecular Physiology of Plant Dessication Tolerance
Professor Jill Farrant
Website:  www.mcb.uct.ac.za/mcb/people/staff/academic/farrant/

Multi-wavelength Extragalactic Astronomy    
Professor Claude Carignan    
Website: to be developed
Oceanic Circulation in the Agulhas Regime, Regional Impact and Global Relevance    
Professor Mathieu Rouault

Website: www.nansen-tutu.org

Physical Cosmology
Dr Amanda Weltman​​​ 
Website: www.amandaweltman.com 

Radio Astronomy, SKA
Professor Russ Taylor
Website: to be developed
Scientific Computing
Professor Kevin Naidoo    
Website: www.scientificomputing.com
Stable Isotopes in Archaeology & Palaeoenvironmental Studies                
Professor Judith Sealy
​Website: web.uct.ac.za/depts/age/people/sealy.htm