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Science orientation

The main aim of orientation activities is to give you a good introduction to the major issues of life as a Science student at UCT, and to assist you with registration. The programme describes what will happen during orientation and registration. Science Orientation Leaders have been specially trained to help you find your way around campus, to introduce you to the Faculty and to guide you through the registration process. Do not hesitate to ask them any questions as they have all been through the process. It's a busy period with many activities happening, but is designed very carefully to give new students the best possible start to their university career. All activities in the orientation programme are compulsory.

There are a number of interesting and informative sessions dealing with undergraduate programmes which will be held on Wednesday 5th of February 2014. They will give you information and insight to the curricula on offer, career opportunities and further study opportunities and will assist you in making decisions with regard to your registration. During these sessions, you will also be assigned an appointment with a student adviser for registration on Friday 7th February 2014.

The remainder of the week involves a number of assessments and lectures, which you must attend. However, during this week, there will also be a programme of events for all students new to the University. The SRC have an exciting programme on the plaza where you will be able to interact with fellow students from other faculties.

The first meeting of classes for all first year students will be on Friday 14th February. Remember the first lecture starts at 08h00!

You will be given lots of information and an opportunity to decide in which programme you wish to register. You will have loads of fun finding out what student life at University is all about. Make the most of Orientation by attending all lectures and becoming aware of all the services that are offered on campus. Enjoy the experience!

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