Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate Guides

It is a very different experience being a postgraduate student, compared to being an undergraduate student. There is a greater expectation to be self-sufficient and there are not as many set structures governing progress through the degree.  To ensure that postgraduate students have ready access to information relating to their needs and expectations there are two useful booklets that can help make the postgraduate experience a memorable one:

Faculty of Science Postgraduate Studies Information booklet 
The Faculty of Science Postgraduate Studies Information booklet explains and outlines the administrative and academic issues related to the postgraduate experience. The booklet provides valuable information on a range of important Faculty and University policies and procedures of direct relevance to higher degree candidates in the Science Faculty, both current and future.

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A-Z Guide to the Postgraduate Experience at UCT
This booklet has been compiled especially for postgraduate students, to assist in the transition into life at UCT, and to help students find everything (and everyone) they may need. The booklet contains detailed information about key services and facilities, including the libraries and computer network, as well as information and advice relating to important issues such as supervision and intellectual property.

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