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Research funding

Postgraduate Publication Incentive (PPI) Grants

The intention of these grants is to allow postgraduates, who are registered in the Faculty of Science, and who have recently submitted or are about to submit their dissertation/ thesis, to prepare their dissertation work for submission to ISI rated journals. Students who are not registered in the Faculty of Science, but are registered for a degree that has a Science Faculty Departmental Course Code, also qualify for this funding

Calls for application will be issues four times a year (January, April, July and October) Instructions on applying for a PPI grant are given on the respective application forms.

Students are required to sign a Memorandum of Agreement as part of their application form, which commits them to submitting a manuscript for publication within 6 months of receiving a PPI award, or returning the award to the Science Faculty. Supervisors are responsible for the administration of these funds, ensuring that students are paid and that manuscripts are submitted.

Supervisors are required to report on the successful submission of manuscripts from previous PPI awards before funds will be approved for any new PPI awards. A record of PPI awards made for the period 2010-2012 can be found at this link.

Launching and Start-up Grant Applications

Newly appointed staff applying for a Launching Grant will have to submit a detailed project proposal (including a budget for support for a 3 year period). These projects proposals would be reviewed by a SFRC subcommittee and feedback will be given to the applicant if the applications needed improvement, before any awards would be made. Awards will be higher than the once off start-up grant and based on a budget proposal for a 3 year period. The money will be awarded up-front at the start of the 3 year cycle. These staff members would NOT be eligible to apply for Block Grant funding during this 3 year period.

Applications for either a start-up or launching grant from newly appointed staff, should be submitted to the Chair of the Faculty Research Committee, Associate Professor Muthama Muasya

Block Grant

Deadline for applications: Friday 6th June 2014

Calls for applications for the Science Faculty Block Grant are made once a year on the Block Grant Application form. Only UCT permanent academic staff, Emeritus Professors and Associate Professors, Honorary Professors and Honorary Research Associates are eligible to apply.

Applications to be submitted to the Chair of the Faculty Research Committee, Associate Professor Muthama Muasya More details on the application process will be posted before May 2014

Please note the following modifications to the Block Grant Application process, which were approved by the Faculty Board on 7th August 2012 and note the dates updated to match 2014 time-frames:

A VULA site has been created which will serve as a resource centre for the Faculty Block Grant Application process. The following resources can be found on the VULA site.

  • i) The Approved 2011 IRMA Publication List (ie approved journals, conference proceedings and books)
  • ii) The Approved 2012 IRMA Publication List
  • iii) The Current 2013 IRMA Publication List (all applicants need to check that their publications for 2013 have been accurately captured)
  • iv) List of patents that have been granted for the period 2011-2013
  • v) The Publication Count guide (which has information on the supporting documentation that you need to submit along with your publications for capture on IRMA).
  • vi) The 2014 Science Faculty Block Grant Application form.
  • vii) A list of Departmental Co-ordinators who are responsible for capturing publications onto the IRMA database.
  • All members of the Faculty Board have been made members of this site.

    If you are NOT a member of the Faculty Board, & are eligible to apply for a Science Faculty Block Grant, please contact Associate Professor Muthama Muasya if you wish to join the VULA site.

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    PPI Application form (January 2014)

    PPI Application form (April 2014)

    PPI Application form (July 2014)

    PPI Application form (October 2014)

    Launching Grant Application(2014)

    Previous PPI Awards(2011 - 2013)

    PPI Payment form(2014)