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Research at the Science Faculty

The Faculty of Science enjoys a pre-eminent position in South African universities as a Faculty with a sustained record of high quality research. More than two thirds of the academic staff in the Faculty hold NRF ratings, and there are more A and B rated scientists than in any other Science Faculty in the country. Scientists at UCT continue to make an impact globally, through publication in the international peer-reviewed literature and participation in international conferences. Nationally, in addition to publication in the many South African journals, a considerable amount of research effort is directed towards the solution of problems of national importance. An overview of this research activity is available in the UCT Research Reports.

Research in the Faculty of Science is carried out by individual researchers and research groups in Departments, and within a series of recognized Research Units, Centres and Institutes. See the Research Groupings below, or link to Science Faculty Departments to find out more about research taking place in the Faculty.

See a copy of UCT's most recent research report.

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