The Faculty of Science provides support to Undergraduate students through a structure comprising the Deputy Dean of Undergrad matters, Senior Student Advisers and Student Advisers. Students seeking advice should first approach a student adviser, not a senior student adviser or the Deputy Dean.

Your Student Adviser should be consulted in the first instance about the following matters:

Deputy Dean Undergraduate Matters
Professor SA Bourne Rm 6.41 PD Hahn Building

Senior Student Advisers in the Faculty

Computer Science & Statistics
Associate Professor S Berman Rm 317 Computer Science Building
Biology, Earth & Enviromental Sciences
Professor JJ Bolton Rm 2.14 WH Pearson Building
Chemical, Molecular & Cellular Sciences
Associate Professor N Ravenscroft Rm 6.09 PD Hahn Building
Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy
Associate Professor C Gillmour Rm 314 Mathematics Building
Extended Degree Programme (EDP)
Associate Professor B Davidowitz Rm 5.22 PD Hahn Building

Student Advisers in the Faculty

Biology, Earth & Environmental Sciences
Dr P Anderson Rm 4.03 Environmental & Geological Sciences Building
Dr A West Rm 4.11 H W Pearson Building /td>
Professor S Richardson Rm 353 Geological Science Building
Dr C Reed Rm 3.25 John Day Zoology Building
Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy
Dr NRC Robertson Rm M108 Mathematics Building
Dr S Wheaton Rm 4T4 RW James Building (Physics)
Chemical, Molecular & Cellular Sciences
Dr R Ingle Rm 429A Molecular Biology Building
Dr P Meyers Rm 202 Molecular Biology Building
Associate Professor G Smith Rm 7.08 PD Hahn Building
Computer Science & Statistics
Dr JC Nyirenda (1st semester) Rm 6.68 PD Hahn Building
Dr B Erni Rm 6.63 PD Hahn Building
Ms S Silal (1st semester) Rm 5.52 PD Hahn Building
Dr F Gumedze (2nd semester) Rm 6.63 PD Hahn Building
Associate Professor M Kuttel Rm 3.04.2Computer Science Building
Associate Professor H Suleman Rm 3.10 Computer Science Building
Extended Degree Programme (EDP)
Mr G Stewart Rm 304 Computer Science Building

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