Prof Anton le RoexWelcome to the Faculty of Science at UCT! We hope that you will find our website informative and easy to navigate.

The Faculty is home to twelve departments and offers 21 undergraduate majors leading to the BSc degree. Typical combinations of major subjects, ensure a coherent degree structure which is well-rounded and facilitates interdisciplinary training. We believe that this is important because scientific advances often occur at the interfaces between traditional disciplines.

Science is a quest for understanding nature - for finding out how everything works. Science drives our modern world and is fundamental to everything we do. It impacts significantly on our society, our economy, our technologically advanced lifestyles, our health and our material well being. In general, to be a scientist you should be curious, critical, intelligent, logical and imaginative. Studying towards a degree in science develops these qualities and scientific training develops a range of essential skills, including the ability to ask the right questions, think systematically, make decisions based on critical evaluation of the evidence, and solve complex and complicated problems. Our academic programmes are internationally highly regarded and will provide you with an excellent intellectual and practical platform for a successful personal and professional life anywhere in the world. Many career choices are available to BSc degree graduates although we strongly recommend that our students obtain an honours degree before seeking job opportunities.

We are confident that you will be excited by the range and depth of the BSc degree offered in our Faculty. Your involvement with the Science Faculty, should you become one of our students, will be a rewarding and enriching experience.

We wish you well with your studies and welcome your association with us.

Professor Anton le Roex

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