Science @ UCT ... a world of career opportunities

What will a Science Degree give you?

Science is more than just about knowing a whole range of facts - a scientific training will give you:

The result? A multi-skilled power-graduate equipped to face the future!

From lab coats to power dressing (and everything in between)

A Science degree opens up a whole range of exciting career possibilities. Not all scientists end up working in laboratories, although that is where some of the most exciting and world-changing discoveries are made. You will find scientists scuba-diving on coral reefs, on the Stock Exchange floor, flying space missions, camping out in the desert, teaching in classrooms or working down mines. You will also find them in company boardrooms, government, NGOs and the private sector, in management positions or working as consultants - in marketing, new product development, strategic planning ... the list continues!

Try the 'Science Whizz' quiz

Succeeding at science is just as much about your attitude and personality as it is about your IQ. Do this simple test and see how you measure up.

If you answered YES to most of these questions (including bullet no. 7 of course), congratulations, you are a scientist at heart!

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