Computer Science Colloquium: Developers Need to Broaden their Range

Clinton Bosch, a senior Software Architect at Team Lead at BSG (Africa) will present the Computer Science colloquium, entitled, "Developers Need to Broaden their Range".  

For years it has been very hard to hold anyone accountable for poor software because there are so many distinct parties involved in the traditional SDLC.  Traditionally, analysts came up with what was thought to be a comprehensive set of requirements.  They then threw it over the wall to the Architects who would design and estimate the effort required.  They in turn passed it on to the developers (who were held to these time lines) to try and implement these requirements.  They then throw it over the wall to the QA department in an attempt to pick up any issues before finally throwing it over the wall to Ops.  Clearly this is not the road to success, and fortunately software development methodologies have evolved over time to try and break down these walls.

Thu, 14 May 2015 - 13:00

LT 302, Computer Science Department, Upper Campus, UCT