What the SKA will mean for Data and Computing in the Sciences

23 Jan 2015 - 12:45

A lecture series, entitled "Big Data and computational challenges for astronomy in the SKA era” http://www.summerschool.uct.ac.za/big_data ], runs this week as part of the UCT summer school and is coordinated by the UCT Science Faculty communications and marketing committee. Between 40 - 50 summer students have registered for the course which comprises 5 lectures over 5 days.  The programme includes:


Prof Russ Taylor (UCT & UWC) “The SKA and the rise of big data in radio astronomy”

Dr Ed Elson  (UCT) “Simulating galaxies across the universe”

Dr Shazrene Mohamed (SAAO) “Supercomputing in astrophysics: Rise of the Machines”

Dr Simon Perkins (UCT) “Radio astronomy with graphics processors”

Prof. Bruce Basset (AIMS, UCT & SAAO) “Astrostatistics on cosmic big data”