Muneebah Adams from Department of Chemistry wins DST Fellowship Award

19 Aug 2015 - 12:00

Parasite resistance to current treatments is growing, and a serious threat in Africa, with its high prevalence of infectious diseases. PhD student Muneebah Adams' projects are aimed at finding novel strategies to combat endemic diseases such as malaria, particularly resistant strains.

Adams is working on the preparation and evaluation of organometallic complexes such as potential antiplasmodial agents (which target the malaria parasite) and antitrichomonal agents (which target trichomoniasis, a common sexually transmitted disease). Her work will contribute to the growing library of compounds being evaluated for their biological activity, which will provide insight for future drug design.

"She is certainly ranked in the top 5% of research students I have supervised," said Professor Gregory Smith, who supervised her master's degree and in whose research group she currently works. "Her future could be predicted as an emerging top-notch researcher after she completed her MSc and progressed to the PhD degree. She immediately impressed me with her sense of purpose and work ethic."