International award for Professor Luigi Nassimbeni

2 Sep 2019 - 08:30

Dr Petra Bombicz, Chair of the Prize Committee; Professor Udo Heinemann, President of the ECA; Professor Luigi R Nassimbeni receiving his award.

Emeritus Professor Luigi Nassimbeni, from the Department of Chemistry at UCT, is the first recipient of the International Alajos Kalman Prize, in recognition of his excellent scientific contributions to Chemical Crystallography over the last 10 years.

Professor Nassimbeni received his award at a special ceremony of the European Crystallographic Association in Vienna during August. The citation says that he was chosen for the award for his outstanding activity in supramolecular chemistry, revealing aspects of thermodynamics, kinetics and separation of inclusion compounds, and discovering the relevance of certain weak bonds in significant industrial processes.

The Alajos Kalman Medal

This prize will be awarded every three years.

Congratulations to Emeritus Professor Nassimbeni!