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Thursday, 23 October 2014

August 2014
Four Women in Science winners in 2014 - Tuesday, 19th

July 2014
Innovative approaches to recycling and refuse disposal - Thursday, 10th

May 2014
Drongo mimics alarm calls to steal food from other species, finds UCT biologist - Friday, 2nd
H3-D in the news: New UCT collaboration to fight TB to benefit patients - Friday, 2nd

February 2014
X-Men bodies, Vicatos-style - Wednesday, 19th

January 2014
Professor Gary Marsden receives International Award posthumously - Friday, 24th

November 2013
Fellows Dinner - Sunday, 24th
UCT researcher lauded for popularising science - Tuesday, 19th
Sewell's 3-D journey into inner space - Monday, 11th
UCT scientists shine at MRC awards - Wednesday, 6th

October 2013
Scientific vigour compromised by 'publish or perish' view - Tuesday, 29th
L'Oreal UNESCO fellowships for doctoral trio - Friday, 11th

September 2013
UCT scientists get the Swiss on their side - Friday, 27th

July 2013
UCT search for malaria cure internationally lauded - Monday, 15th

April 2013
'Ultimate' botanist Skelton flies South African flag high - Wednesday, 24th
Record number of schools at Mathematics Competition - Friday, 19th
Three of UCT's best in Paris - Tuesday, 16th
Open lecture puts SA's water future under the spotlight - Wednesday, 10th
Doubles for UCT in the prestigious A- and P-ratings - Tuesday, 2nd

February 2013
Single-dose cure for malaria is Elsevier review's top story - Friday, 15th
Flamingos in the Black River - Tuesday, 5th

January 2013
New discovery determines gender in fossil birds - Monday, 28th
Leading ornithologist Phil Hockey dies - Friday, 25th

November 2012
Chemist not just any visitor in Argentina - Monday, 19th
Young scholars make their marks among peers - Monday, 19th
Hapgood receives Grand Challenges Explorations Grant - Thursday, 15th
UCT palaeontologists open cold cases - Thursday, 15th

September 2012
UCT lecturers the pick of the teaching crop - Friday, 28th
UCT to celebrate life and achievements of pioneering physicist - Tuesday, 25th
Princeton honours Cape Town- born academic - Thursday, 20th
Learners have fun with marine animals at Ma-Re outreach - Thursday, 20th
Hard work pays off for Hattas - Thursday, 13th
Why the Higgs Boson matters - Monday, 10th

August 2012
Women's Day: Farrant is cooking, says mag - Friday, 10th

June 2012
Centre ropes in UK scholar for drug discovery research - Wednesday, 20th
Kids go batty for creatures - Tuesday, 19th
"Maths makes the world go round" - Friday, 15th

May 2012
Science hails its standouts - Tuesday, 29th
UCT environmental change course an online winner - Thursday, 24th
Mapungubwe not the origin of Great Zimbabwe - Wednesday, 16th
Just ask the Google Scholars - Tuesday, 15th
Develop drugs in Africa, for Africa - Thursday, 10th

April 2012
Maths competition ups the stakes - Tuesday, 17th
Plan for climate change, says New - Monday, 16th
Congestion expected when young math boffins arrive - Thursday, 12th
Dinosaur bones debunk migratory myth - Wednesday, 4th

March 2012
Whiz, bang, pop: UCT takes science to the community - Thursday, 29th
Second lifetime achievement award for Cooper - Wednesday, 28th
Chibale bags the Alan Pifer Award - Tuesday, 20th

February 2012
Physicists unite at UCT - Thursday, 16th

November 2011
New academy welcomes young scientists - Tuesday, 8th

October 2011
Walk the talk in water management, experts say - Thursday, 27th
Physicist casts light on randomness - Thursday, 27th
Gene expression key to morphological diversity, says Illing - Wednesday, 26th
Programmer merrily codes his way to runner-up spot - Wednesday, 19th
News in brief - 14 October - Friday, 14th

September 2011
Science meets journalism - Thursday, 1st

August 2011
News in brief - 31 August - Wednesday, 31st
Diamonds pinpoint start of colliding continents - Tuesday, 2nd

July 2011
Human and baboons Developing solutions for Africa - Friday, 29th

June 2011
UCT offers the best careers service - Tuesday, 21st

May 2011
Science Honours Hour - Monday, 16th

April 2011
New centre will underpin drug development - Monday, 18th
Fun all the way in maths competition - Friday, 15th
One giant speaks of another: Attenborough at UCT - Thursday, 14th
UCT and Samsung launch innovative cell phone applications - Friday, 8th

March 2011
Prestigious Pifer for Parnell - Monday, 28th

February 2011
New knowledge sealed in old bones - Friday, 18th

January 2011
Cavalier Caira honoured with Italian knighthood - Tuesday, 18th

December 2010
Le Roex is new Dean of Science - Tuesday, 28th

September 2010
Best poster honours for Kimani - Tuesday, 14th

August 2010
Women science winners are role models - Monday, 23rd
Pinup science for nation's schools - Monday, 9th
Plant physiologist goes gold - Monday, 9th

July 2010
Fossil fame for UCT zoologist - Monday, 19th
Maths and science project aims high - Tuesday, 13th

June 2010
Student Googles herself to an international award - Tuesday, 1st

May 2010
Make maths an official language, urges academic - Monday, 31st
Indigenous Africans were successful miners, Chirikure - Friday, 21st
Science makes the day in Khayelitsha - Thursday, 20th

February 2010
Global Game Jam showdown - Wednesday, 24th

January 2010
South Africans believe recession is far from over - Tuesday, 12th

December 2009
UCT well represented at climate summit - Tuesday, 15th
Honorary degrees for two UCT academics - Tuesday, 15th
First paper from world's most ambitious science project - Tuesday, 8th
Research chair in multi-wave astronomy will underpin study of far galaxies - Monday, 7th
Death of a star: A white dwarf waits to go kaboom - Monday, 7th
UCT scholars get country's highest honours - Friday, 4th

November 2009
No more monkey business with baboons - Friday, 27th
Dark energy thesis wins medal - Tuesday, 24th
Rotary Club of Umhlanga nurtures conservation training - Monday, 16th
New African dinosaur was very down to earth - Wednesday, 11th
Distinguished Teacher Awards - Tuesday, 10th
Four join science academy - Monday, 9th
Computers galore for conservation biologists - Thursday, 5th

October 2009
Scientists step up research as biodiversity losses escalate - Monday, 26th

September 2009
Cosmology and the universe in a nutshell - Monday, 21st
Second Sichel for UCT - Wednesday, 9th
UCT's women scientists honoured - Monday, 7th

August 2009
Top chemistry medal for Caira - Friday, 14th

July 2009
Remote sensing a key to survival - Friday, 17th
Eye-catching science for classrooms - Wednesday, 8th
City maths boffs for world inter-city competition - Wednesday, 1st

June 2009
Fellowship for Warner - Monday, 22nd
All in the family - Wednesday, 17th
Cluver among galaxy of stars at Caltech - Monday, 15th

April 2009
Blue crane survival down to the wire - Tuesday, 28th
Centre introduces high-tech to the poor - Friday, 17th

March 2009
A fun day of science - Tuesday, 10th
Schools going green - Friday, 6th

February 2009
Large grant for maths and science teaching - Friday, 20th
Darwin celebrated at UCT - Monday, 16th
Top honour for geophysics research - Friday, 13th
Botany student's hard work bags two awards - Friday, 13th

December 2008
A new generation of scientists - Monday, 15th
Graduation gets underway - Tuesday, 9th

November 2008
Memorial service for the late Professor Tony Fairall - Friday, 28th
A-ratings for sociolinguist, astronomer and neuropsychologist - Friday, 28th

October 2008
Hairy visitor hails residence food - Thursday, 9th
Maths Profs play ball to launch trophy - Thursday, 9th

September 2008
Co-evolutionary arms race gives moths a head start - Monday, 8th

August 2008
Platinum alloys vital to secondary industry - Wednesday, 27th
President's Award for ecologist Gillson - Wednesday, 27th
Meadows is vice-president of the International Geographical Union - Wednesday, 27th

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