Message to Science Faculty Staff and Students
Message from the Dean of Science with regard to gender based violence, xenophobia and violence in our communities and contact details for support and assistance.


Tuesday, 22 October 2019
Seven A-rated researchers for UCT

The University of Cape Town (UCT) welcomes the A-rating of seven of its researchers by the country’s National Research Foundation (NRF). The ratings were formally awarded at the NRF awards on Thursday, 12 September 2019.  Two of them,Professor Igor Barashenkov and Emeritus Professor Douglas Butterworth  are from the Department of Mathematics & Applied Mathematics in the Science Faculty. 

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Thu, 19 Sep 2019 - 12:30
Soapbox Science Coming to Cape Town

Inspired by Hyde Park's famous Speaker's Corner, Soapbox Science is a global series of free open-air lectures where expert female scientists will share their passion about their research. It will take place at the Pierhead, V & A Waterfront, Cape Town and is led by a team of 5 female scientists from UCT.

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Thu, 19 Sep 2019 - 11:15
The problem with trees-for-carbon

Programmes to encourage tree-planting have been hailed as a solution in the fight to reduce greenhouse gases and global warming. But new research casts doubt on the likely success of trading trees for carbon. UCT's Emeritus Professor William Bond, Department of Biological Scieces, is lead author of new research on the topic.“We challenge the popular view that planting trees is a credible way of slowing global warming,” says Bond.

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Mon, 16 Sep 2019 - 09:45
Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean about Gender Violence, Xenophobia and violence in our communities and contact details for help and support

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Fri, 13 Sep 2019 - 09:45