2019 19 Jun 12:00

An overview of the R-INLA project

Håvard Rue & Haakon Bakka, from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, will present the Department of Statistical Science seminar with a talk entitled, "An overview of the R-INLA project". 
Abstract: Most generalised linear mixed models (GLMMs), generalised additive models (GAMs), spline models, spatial models, and survival models, have one attribute in common: they contain a high-dimensional Gaussian distribution. In R-INLA (www.r-inla.org) we use fast...


PD Hahn Lecture Theatre 3, Upper Campus, UCT

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Seminars, talks and public lectures
2019 10 Jul 09:00 12 Jul 16:00

Introduction to Statistical Modelling and Data Analysis

ACCESS in partnership with the Centre for Statistics in Ecology, the Environment and Conservation (SEEC) present a course entitled, "Introduction to Statistical Modelling and Data Analysis".  
The course will cover the following broad topics:
Statistical Modelling, Regression, Design and analysis of experiments, Generalized linear models.
No prior knowledge is required but basic knowledge of statistical analysis fundamentals would be helpful.
Visit www.seec.uct.ac.za/seec/workshops for a more detailed...


University of Cape Town

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Short courses and workshops