From Stone Age to Iron Age, and Western Cape to Zimbabwe - Archaeology Honours Research

The Department of Archaeology will host a special seminar presented by the 2017 Archaeology Honours students. This year’s Honours cohort has carried out excellent original research for their theses on a broad range of topics from ceramic analysis to dental mesowear, Stone Age to Iron Age, and Western Cape to Zimbabwe. Each student presentation will be 10 minutes long. 

Presenters and topics:

Azraa Bux - Investigating Duynefontein calcretes: micromorphology and implications for Middle Pleistocene hydrology and occupation

Nadine Kocerhan - Investigating dietary variability in extant Procavia capensis in South Africa: A mesowear analysis

Megan Malherbe - Investigating dietary breadth in the Springbok (Antidorcas marsupialis) using dental mesowear and supplementary dental microwear analysis

Alicen Munn - Later Stone Age coastal adaptations in the Western Cape

Cornelius Mushangwe - An analysis of archaeobotanical remains from terminal first and early second millennium AD site of Mtanye, south-western Zimbabwe

Jordan Scholfield - Revisiting the Iron Age archaeology of Mtanye, south-western Zimbabwe

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 - 13:00

Teaching Studio, Department of Archaeology, Room 3.10, Beattie Building, University Avenue, UCT