Rainbow to Rain - A saffer’s journey to the Cloud and IoT

Rudy Chetty  from Amazon Web Services in Seattlewill present the School of IT talk with a presentation entitled, "Rainbow to Rain - A Saffer’s journey to the Cloud and IoT". 

Abstract:  In this seminar, we’ll cover what cloud computing means and how it’s shaping the future. In this dynamic field, we will explore Amazon Web Services (AWS) and see how AWS are innovating on behalf of their customers. Just imagine if you knew the state of every connected device or thing and you could reason on top of that data - what problems would you solve? With AWS Internet of Things (IoT), the platform for your solution becomes an immediate reality. AWS IoT allows you to sense and act locally on devices, store data and manage in the cloud, and perform sophisticated analytics to derive useful insights. Come learn more about this exciting technology!

Rudy Chetty currently works as a Solutions Architect for Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Seattle. He supports customers which fall under the Amazon umbrella including Whole Foods, Amazon Robotics and Amazon.com itself. Rudy specializes in the Internet of Things (IoT) and educates customers (and students alike!) on the benefits of adopting this fast-paced technology trend. He furthers his teaching efforts by authoring exams for IBM and AWS and has attained 14 certifications of his own. Whilst not working at AWS, he yearns for a good Nando’s burger meal in his hometown of Cape Town along with wishing he could send all the rain in Seattle back home


Thu, 24 May 2018 - 13:00

 Computer Science Lecture Theatre 203 , Computer Science Building, Upper Campus, UCT