Postgraduate Orientation Day

The Faculty of Science presents the Postgraduate Orientation Day.  Find the right path in the science postgraduate world.

All postgraduate students in the Faculty of Science are invited to take part in the first Faculty of Science Postgraduate Orientation Day. The programme is given below. The first session from 08h30 is for students who are registering for their Masters or PhDs for the first time, and would like some assistance in completing a MOU.  The sessions from 11h00 onwards are open to everyone.


08h30-10h30      SciLab D Annex (Prof Nicola Illing, Deputy Dean)

Introduction to MOU and PPA for new Masters and Doctoral students

                                Supervisors welcome to take part

11h00-17h30      Hlanganani Junction, Level 5, UCT Main Library

11h00-11h10      Welcome and Opening of Science PG Orientation

 (Prof Susan Bourne, Interim Dean of Science)

11h10-11h20      Who is who in the Faculty office, and how they can support you; the cycle of registration, progress assessment on PeopleSoft and Submission

(Prof Nicola Illing, Deputy Dean)

11h20-11h30      Postgraduate student funding landscape (Prof Nicola Illing, Deputy Dean)

11h30-11h45      Introduction to Science Postgraduate Student Council- their portfolios, planned activities for the year; how to get engaged in the postgraduate community

11h45-12h15      Ice-breaker (Pippin Andersen)

12h15-12h45      Transformation- Building inclusion-your role as a postgraduate

(14h315h4517h00UPgrad, Transformation: Office for Inclusivity and Change)

12h45-13h30      Lunch

13h30-14h30      Challenges of the Research Journey- Panel discussion-

Ms Liisa Shangheta (Oceanography)

Mr Chad Peel (Geology)

Ms Rebeng Maine (Molecular and Cell Biology)

Ms Ibiye Dagogo (Chemistry)

Ms Julia Healy (Astronomy)

             Mr Laique Merlin Djeutchouang (Oceanography,

              Dr Philile Mbatha, Environmental and Geographical Sciences

Issues to be discussed (in no particular order)

  • Reflect on your journey
  • What do if you are feeling ill or sad or lonely
  • Funding opportunities and challenges
  • The most fun part of my research project
Thu, 14 Feb 2019 - 11:00

Hlanganani Junction, 5th Floor, UCT Main Library