The Physics of a Trillion Degrees

Dr. Will.A. Horowitz, Department of Physics will present the Science Faculty seminar with a talk entitled, "The Physics of a Trillion Degrees".  

Abstract: A microsecond after the Big Bang, all of space existed at a trillion degrees, one hundred thousand times hotter than the center of the sun.  13.8 billion years later, massive collaborations of thousands of scientists recreate these conditions of the early universe thousands of times a second in one of the most expensive and complicated science experiments ever attempted.  In this talk I provide a general science introduction to the physics explored in these Little Bangs, ephemeral fireballs that--during their lifetimes of less than a billionth of a trillionth of a second--are droplets of the hottest, most perfect fluid in the universe.

Bio: Dr. W. A. Horowitz is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Cape Town and Associate Faculty at the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences specializing in theoretical high energy nuclear physics.  He received his PhD in Physics from Columbia University in 2008.  After a postdoctoral fellowship at The Ohio State University, Dr. Horowitz came to the University of Cape Town in 2010.  He is the Head of the Theory Division of the South Africa-CERN Collaboration and Deputy Director of the Centre for Theoretical and Mathematical Physics at UCT.  Dr. Horowitz has been honoured with the Young Researcher Award from the UCT College of Fellows, the Meiring Naudé Medal for Outstanding Early Career Contributions to Science from the Royal Society of South Africa, and the Claude Leon Merit Award for Early-Career Researchers.

Tue, 29 May 2018 - 13:00

MCB Lecture Theatre 1, MCB Building, Upper campus, UCT