1st year out of Varsity - Experiences of 3 recent CompSci Hons Graduates

The Department of Computer Science will present a UCT Computer Science Industry Seminar  by Mordechai Serraf, Matthew Segers and Wesley Robinson of Electrum .

In this talk you'll hear about the experiences of 3 recent Computer Science graduates have had over the past 14 months: Late nights, late mornings, the perfect flat white, a few hundred million financial transactions, happy customers, angry customers, healthy lunches, version control, automated deployment, unhealthy cakes, temporary network outages, temporary eskom outages, continuous integration, AWS, the firehose learning technique, autonomy, micro-management...


Matt, Mordi and Wesley graduated UCT CompSci Hons in 2014. Since January 2015 they have been working as Java developers at Electrum, a local payments processing startup company.


Thu, 05 May 2016 - 13:00

Computer Science Lecture Theatre 302, Upper Campus, UCT