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Molecular & Cell Biology

biology-home.mcbThe Department teaches Biochemistry, Genetics and Microbiology (which includes Biotechnology) major courses in the Chemical and Molecular Sciences Programme at second and third year level, and offers the following postgraduate degrees in Molecular and Cell Biology: BSc (Hons), MSc and PhD. A MSc in Bioinformatics is offered in conjunction with the National Bioinformatics Node at UCT.

The department has interests and expertise in diverse areas of biology. The members of staff are involved in research that is of great economic and social importance to South Africa and the rest of Africa. The research includes areas such as health and disease, plant and animal pathogens, viruses, genetic engineering, new crops, and agriculture.

At undergraduate level the department offers a degree programme in chemical, molecular, and cellular sciences with various areas of specialisation. This programme offers interdisciplinary curricula designed to lay a solid foundation in these sciences, exposure to cutting-edge discoveries, and problem-solving techniques, which will equip graduates for careers in this rapidly changing field.

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