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2014 events

Dates Title Details Venue Contact
05 Aug Department of Chemistry Seminar Programme Professor Jincheng Mao, from the Key Laboratory of Organic Synthesis of Jiangsu Province, College of Chemistry, Suzhou University, China, will talk about "Iron (Copper)-Catalyzed Decarboxylative Reactions". A recent breakthrough in the field is the development of palladium-catalyzed decarboxylative coupling reactions, since acids and their derivatives are stable, low-cost and commercially available substrates. In his talk, Professor Mao will discuss the recent development from his group about the iron or copper-catalyzed decarboxylations of alkynylcarboxylic acids and cinnamic acids, which will result in the direct alkynylation and alkenylation, respectively. LT3, PD Hahn, Upper Campus, UCT Dr Gregory Smith
021 650 3830
27 Aug Chemistry Seminar Programme Professor Michael North, from the Department of Chemistry at York University, UK will talk on "Synthesis and applications of cyclic carbonates and related heterocycles". LT3, PD Hahn, Upper Campus, UCT Dr Clive Oliver
021 650 3830

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