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Message from the Science Postgraduate Student Association

Dear Postgraduate Student,

The Science Postgraduate Student's Association (SPGSA) is here for you!

As mandated by UCT, our function is "To represent the interests of all postgraduate students in the Faculty of Science and to establish an active, vibrant and diverse postgraduate culture that contributes to improving the quality of academic and social life." Succinctly put, we are here to represent you and to assist you in becoming a well-rounded postgraduate student.

We do this by representing you on various Science Faculty and UCT committees. Your SPGSA also hosts a variety of workshops, symposiums and social functions in order to expose you to different scientific fields and to make your academic and social journey here at UCT that much easier. So please look out for our posters and announcements. Most importantly, feel free to communicate with us through our Vula window, or by contacting us at


Athi Msutu
Science Faculty PGSA Chairperson
PGSA ExCo Chairperson

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