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International students

Study Permits, Health insurance, Fees

In terms of current legislation, no international student may register at the university or participate in an academic programme unless he/she is in possession of a valid study permit and proof of medical insurance cover. Once a formal offer of acceptance has been received from the host Department, international students are required to gain clearance from the International Academic Programme Office (IAPO) which requires: (i) a certified copy of passport showing photograph and passport number; (ii) the page containing the valid study permit; (iii) documentary evidence of health insurance cover; (iv) proof of payment of fees. This will lead to provision of an "International Students Pre-Registration" form from IAPO. These documents must be submitted with the registration forms to the Postgraduate Officer - Faculty of Science. The registrations of International Students will not be approved without these documents, nor will they be approved unless the necessary fee payments have been made. Any queries should be directed to the International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO) at (021) 650 2822/3740 or by email.

International Fee Waivers

Applications may be made to have the international registration fee reduced to the level of local fees, either on the grounds of proven financial hardship and where the full funding available to support the research and student stipend is from local sources, or in rare cases on academic merit. Application must be made via the supervisor and HoD to the Faculty Office, using the appropriate form, for consideration by the Deputy Dean (postgraduate matters). The final decision is made by the Deputy Vice Chancellor charged with this portfolio. All international students must, however, pay the IAPO retainer fee.

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