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Message from the Dean


Dear Postgraduate Student

Postgraduate students are the lifeblood of research in our Science Faculty, vital for research impetus and a prime source of new and interesting ideas. We are a research-led university and have an excellent reputation for the quality of our research, both nationally and internationally. Almost 75% of our academic staff are recognised established researchers within the NRF rating system, the highest percentage of any Science Faculty in South Africa, and half of our rated researchers enjoy considerable international recognition for their research. To put it in a nutshell, we are committed to conducting internationally competitive research and you, as one of our postgraduate students, play a pivotal role.

By registering with us for a higher degree you automatically enter into a "working relationship" with your academic supervisor(s) and colleagues. This means that your supervisor has a well defined responsibility to ensure that you are provided with the assistance you need to ensure that you are successful in your postgraduate study and research. At the same time, it is expected that you will commit yourself fully to your research programme. Successful research requires independent thought and so the nature of your interaction with your supervisor should not be interpreted as being such that your supervisor is required to tell you what to do!! On the contrary your supervisor will encourage you to think independently but will guide you on your way. Doing a research degree is a challenging task and the successful completion of this task will mean that you will have demonstrated intellectual skills and competencies which place you in a special group. The critical thinking and oral and written communication skills that you will learn will strongly enhance your future career prospects.

We are proud of the long tradition of outstanding research for which this Faculty is well known, and of the excellent Masters and Doctoral graduates who began their careers as post-graduates in this Faculty. I wish you every success in your research and trust that you will thoroughly enjoy this experience and be able to look back on these years as among the most enjoyable, stimulating and productive of your life. We look forward to sharing the excitement of this experience with you.

Best wishes

Professor Anton le Roex
Dean, Faculty of Science