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Why Science at UCT

Why Study Science at UCT?

Put quite simply, it's the best! At UCT we have the highest number of top, world class (A-rated) scientists of any institution in South Africa. UCT science degrees are highly regarded the world over. Studying science at UCT is a significant investment you can make for your future.

In the UCT Science Faculty, we care about our students. There are well-formulated and extensive academic, health, wellness and financial support frameworks in place. Progress of students is closely monitored, and they can approach their student advisors, lecturers and tutors for advice at any time

5 Good Reasons to study science at UCT

A world of options

UCT offers a wide choice of exciting curricula which are organised around majors or are constructed for specific career paths. The curricula and majors on offer are grouped as follows:

Your future

New scientific and technological developments are constantly occurring at breakneck speed. National economies and their demands shift rapidly with these changes and so do the job markets. Many new, as yet undreamt of discoveries will be made during the course of your working life. Hence it is very important that when you embark on your tertiary education, you choose a course of study which will:

Only such a foundation will equip you with skills for life, and flexibility to continue to grow, to learn and to adapt to the certain changes in the market place. We have designed the Science programmes at UCT with this in mind.

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